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Become a Parent2Parent Advocate

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Looking for a way to be a source of support to another adoptive family and earn a small monthly stipend? Become a Parent2Parent Advocate!


Parent2Parent Advocates are adoptive or guardianship parents of children who offer peer support, guidance, resources and friendship to other adoptive and guardianship parents.

Experience has taught us and research has confirmed the value of peer support and shared experience. No one understands the intricacies of adoptive families like other adoptive families - parents benefit from knowing other parents. As adoptive and guardianship families, you face special challenges in the day to day parenting of your child or children. There are often struggles with larger systemic challenges that require special time and attention. In response, Right Turn developed a peer mentor program, Parent2Parent, to offer "real life" support from those who have experienced similar challenges in their families.

Parent2Parent Advocates will:

  • Serve as a confidant in times of personal crisis and problems
  • Offer insight and understanding of family needs
  • Encourage activities that add experience and skill development to families
  • Act as a source of information and direction to the family
  • Share options with the family so they can make an informed choice in the way they work with their child
  • Encourage problem-solving skills
  • Serve on Family Teams
  • Adhere to strict confidentiality rules
  • Work in conjunction with program staff
  • Ask for assistance from program staff when needed
  • Provide data to the program staff for quality assurance and strategic planning purposes
  • Provide documentation to program staff
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