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Services for Attachment

  • Our work helps people overcome traumatic events, reestablish healthy attachments, and restore the connections, security, and trust essential to fulfilling lives.
    Our mission also includes training and supporting practicing mental health care professionals throughout the region and across the globe.

  • Training offered by Right Turn®
    Play has the capacity to nourish a child's mind, body and soul. Research shows, at birth, only 25% of the brain is developed. The connections and pathways that are being formed while children are at play are essential for healthy brain development. Through play, children learn how to problem solve, communicate, and it gives families the opportunity to discover one another on a nonthreatening level. Establishing a playful atmosphere with your child will bolster attachment, initiate healing and create a special connection that will last forever.

  • Training offered by Right Turn®
    New scientific explanations surrounding the impact of trauma and loss on child development change the way we parent, teach, and understand children and teenagers. Attachment is the deep connection established between children and caregivers. This connection is a foundation for emotional and social development. The quality of attachment, trauma and loss, and chronic stress children experience also impacts physiology– particularly in how the brain develops from infancy through young adulthood. Parents and professionals will gain insight into the importance of viewing children’s challenging behaviors through the child's world view and experiences, as well as begin exploring strategies to facilitate healing.