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Basic Needs Resources

  • Are you or is someone you know dealing with financial difficulties? Need help with rent or utilities? In need of child care or seeking help with an aging parent? Looking for affordable housing, medical care or after school programs?
    Dial 2-1-1

  • Beds for children who would otherwise be sleeping on the floor.
    By providing these basic resources, we hope to give children and families a full and healthy night’s sleep—and ultimately, a better quality of life.

  • When there is someone in your family with special needs, you may find yourself looking for answers. is Nebraska’s support and information connection for families and professionals seeking assistance.

  • Parents have expert knowledge of their child that they can share during the processes of obtaining, planning, monitoring, and evaluating services. As a parent, you can use your knowledge of your child to more confidently and effectively shape their services when you have good information and support to help you. We can help you to get the information and support you need for your family.

  • Foodnet is a 501(c)(3) organization, and is a group of volunteers from many different churches and other non-profit organizations, trying to stop the waste of food and provide for those in need.
    Foodnet provides mostly perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, bread, etc. These are items not usually found at a dry goods food pantry, but are still in demand.

  • The NRRS is a statewide database created with input from Nebraska families, service providers and organizations.
    The NRRS provides 1-800 numbers as well as web sites and email contacts to help you connect faster to the services you are seeking.

  • Raising Kids is hard.
    It's OK to ask for advice.
    We are a free, resource for parents with kids of all ages, who have any type of question regarding their child's behavior.

  • Find educational consultants, psychologists, educational diagnosticians, health care providers, academic therapists, tutors, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, coaches, advocates, and attorneys for children with disabilities on the Yellow Pages for Kids for your state.