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Articles on Trama

  • This article illustrates the multidimensional impact of violence during infancy and the effectiveness of a relaionship-focused treatment, Parent Child Psychotherapy (CPP), in addressing the traumatic consequences of exposure to violence.
    Article by Vilma Reyes & Alicia Lieberman; University of California, San Francisco.

  • This article explores emotional triggers of trauma, patterns of trauma re-enactment and the impact on childhood development.
    Article by Bessel A Van der Kolk; Psychiatric Annals; May 2005; 35, 5; Psychology Module pg 401

  • Article that discusses the biology of the brain and how it may be altered by traumatic events.
    Article from the Kansas City Star.

  • Fact sheet from the VA National Center for PTSD that describes symptoms, treatments and possible causes of PTSD in children.

  • This in-depth article explores how the brain develops, the effects of maltreatment on brain development and resources available to families.
    Article from Child Welfare Information Gateway; Issue Brief April 2015

  • This in-depth article provides statistics on causes of traumatic stress in children, explains different types of traumatic stress, and looks at long-term outcomes of children affected by traumatic stress.
    From the Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit: Comprehensive Guide- 2nd Edition March 2008