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The Collaboration

About Us

Right Turn is a collaboration between Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska and Nebraska Children's Home Society.

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) is one of the largest and oldest human care organizations in the state. LFS provides human care to thousands of people within three core competencies: Children Services, Community Services, and Behavioral Health. Each program within these areas helps build and strengthen families – and accomplish the LFS mission of “safety, hope, and well-being for all people. On any given day, LFS has open case files on over 2,000 children alone – including foster care, sexual abuse therapy, and trauma treatment. Community Service provides outreach and support to international populations. Only one in ten clients are Lutheran.

Nebraska Children's Home Society has been changing lives through child-centered, family-focused programs for over 120 years. Because of the Nebraska Children's Home Society ...

  • Members of the adoption circle (adoptive parents, birth parents, and adopted persons) receive guidance, counseling, and support in their lifelong journey.
  • Women and teens facing the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy have information and support in developing a plan for parenting or adoption.
  • Abused and neglected children find safety and permanency in nurturing foster and adoptive families.
  • Parents overcome barriers and nurture their children's growth and development.
  • Children begin school ready to learn.
  • Families are formed through foster care and adoption.
  • Youth set and achieve educational goals and become confident young adults.

Services: Foster Family Program * Pregnancy & Parenting Services * Adoption and Post Adoption Services * Early Childhood Development Centers * Children and Family Center *


The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provides the funding for Right Turn.