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Our Philosophy

About Us

The essence of our organization exists in our commitment to children and families. We strive to provide the supports and connections necessary for adoptive and guardianship parents.

In this section, you will find all that you need to know about our people, mission, core beliefs, and commitments. It is extremely important to us that you get to know more so that you feel comfortable working with us. Once you take the time to find out what we’re all about, we are confident you will want to be engaged with our organization.


To provide family-driven post-adoption and post-guardianship services.


All post-adoptive and post-guardianship families will have access to high quality, family-centered support throughout the ages and stages of their adoption and guardianship journey.

Our Core Beliefs and Values

  • Adoption is forever.
  • Families are the expert on their lives.
  • Providing service for adoptive and guardianship families is an area of specialty.
  • The parent-child relationship is the single most important vehicle for helping children heal.
  • Parents are part of the solution and not to be blamed for their child's behaviors.
  • Adoption is a lifelong process and families formed by adoption need support, education, and training along the way.
  • We believe that the entire adoption kinship network is critical to a child’s wellbeing.
  • Families have a right to know all available information about their child’s past.
  • The need for a child to receive treatment outside the family home may be essential and is not a failure in the adoption or guardianship.

Our Commitments

  • We will do everything in our ability to give families what they need to stay together.
  • We will listen and provide honest, competent, family-centered, strengths-based services that meet adoption and guardianship families where they are at.
  • We will honor family culture and history.
  • We will collaborate with families and take a team approach toward the mutual goal of helping a child heal.
  • We will advocate for adoption awareness across Nebraska.
  • As an adoption program, we have a responsibility to ensure adoption-competent mental health providers and other professionals working with adoptive families are available in our communities.
  • We will strengthen Nebraska’s adoption community by connecting adoptive families to one another.
  • We seek to minimize the inherent loss in adoption.
  • We will support adoption and guardianship families in establishing healthy relationships with their children.
  • We will assist adoptive parents in gaining the necessary education and training related to adoption and other common topics.
  • We will support and encourage a family's decision to have openness with birth families.
  • We will support families in honoring their child's past and support parents in talking with their children about adoption.