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Fetal Alcohol

Fetal Alcohol

Through valuable research, we are learning more and more about the detriments of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, also known as FASD. FASD occurs when a pregnant mother drinks alcohol and the alcohol is absorbed by her fetus. This can occur when alcohol is ingested at any point throughout the pregnancy. FASD was previously diagnosed as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Today, we understand FASD on a spectrum, which can include mild symptoms that range from attention and sensory difficulties all the way to severe symptoms which include specific facial features and delayed or stunted brain development.
Unfortunately, FASD is severely underdiagnosed, especially within the foster care and adoption systems. Why is this? The symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder or Oppositional Defiance Disorder look very similar to FASD. So, unless your child has the distinct facial features, they may be diagnosed with one of these other disorders. However, correct diagnosis is crucial! FASD includes permanent brain damage and, as a result, parenting a child with FASD will look different when compared to parenting a child with other diagnosis or no diagnosis at all. 

Staying informed on the newest research and information is our goal. However, research in this field is happening quickly and new information comes to light frequently. Feel free to browse the resources below for news, information, and services related to parenting children with FASD.

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