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Kinship Care

Kinship Care

Often family and friends are the first people looked to for care of a child when that child is unable to remain in their birth parent’s home. Kinship care may be needed due to illness, changes in life circumstance or system involvement such as incarceration. Whatever the reason, there is typically little time for preparation. One day you are single and happily enjoying a latte at your favorite coffee shop; the next you are sharing your two bedroom apartment with three small children and your life has forever changed.  It can be daunting to learn the foster care system, find the best way to care for each child’s particular needs and just find the rhythm of parenting. In addition, there are the challenges specific to kinship care such as redefining family dynamics. As difficult as this all may seem, kinship adoptions are on the rise, which means you are not alone.
Here you will find a collection of resources and articles regarding kinship care. We hope you find them helpful. 
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Articles on Kinship Care

Services for Kinship Care

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