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Services for Respite

  • Training offered by Right Turn®
    Life is full of good times and challenging times. Whether it is work, family, or friends, sometimes a little reprieve and rejuvenation is needed. Lighten your burden for an hour by learning the importance of laughter. One of the most important tasks of parenting is learning to take good care of yourself so you can in turn take good care of your children. Learn how laughter affects the brain and become skilled in the ability to conquer compassion fatigue. “It has been shown that, when we are suffering from Compassion Fatigue, we work more rather than less”, Dr. Charles Figley. Join us in learning how to work less and laugh more.

  • The Arc of Buffalo County has secured funding from other grant sources such as the Nebraska Respite Network to continue the sustainability of this wonderful program. Teens in Action continues to provide age-appropriate, year-round, recreation/respite activities for youth in grades 6-12.

  • Supports & Services
    May include early intervention, supported employment, job training, transition planning, respite care, supported living and transportation to name a few. Additional services available at some chapters include: case management, medical and dental care and therapeutic services such as occupational and physical therapy, behavior management, speech therapy and more. Depending on the stage of life a person is in, the supports may vary and are meant to be tailored to meet that person’s individual needs. Check with your local chapter to determine which services are available.

  • This site provides information on:
    -Finding Respite Providers or Programs
    -Respite Funding and Eligibility
    -Additional Resources

  • $22 per child and $16 for siblings
    Looking for a night out? BounceU knows that sometimes parents deserve a little time by themselves. We provide your kids with a night of non-stop bouncing and games, for kids 5 & older. It’s more fun (and less expensive) than hiring a sitter, and it’s a hassle-free way to give the entire family an unforgettable night.

  • Weekend Respite Camps are sprinkled throughout the year from September through May. Campers can expect to have a fun-filled weekend packed with activities such as painting pumpkins, going to the movies, bowling, or going on a nature walk. These camps are designed to be a fun getaway for campers and give family and/or caregivers a healthy break from the daily challenges of caring for individuals with disabilities. Weekend Respite Camps are currently held at the Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center in Gretna, NE. Anyone age 5 and older can attend and we can accommodate any disability. We maintain 1:1 - 1:3 counselor to camper ratios dependent on camper needs and have a nurse on site at all hours.

  • A list of classes and workshops offered by FCA; each links to a description of that event. For upcoming scheduled classes and events (as well as links to registration), check the FCA calendar. If you'd like information on class schedules or setting up a specific class, please contact our Education Coordinator. We look forward to you joining us to learn more about caregiving.

  • What is Respite Night? Parents drop off their child(ren) with special needs, along with siblings through age 13, while background-checked volunteers care for them. We offer a variety of activities for the kids to enjoy. Our volunteers feel so blessed to serve parents in this way and have a great time laughing, playing and interacting with these wonderful kids! This allows their parents to enjoy a night out. Pre-registration is required. Parents need to complete a “plan of care” form for each child with special needs that will be attending Respite Night.

  • Welcome to Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network. We care for those who care for others. Respite care, planned or emergency, is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members with special needs.
    Call the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network today! 1-866-RESPITE (1-866-737-7483)

  • Time for you to relax and drop off the kids and take a night off! Let us watch the kids – they will jump, slide, and play games. We’ll even have pizza so they don’t go home hungry! Ages 4-12

  • Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) is a movement of the church to keep families together. Safe Families provides breathing room and support for parents in crisis, giving them time to get back on their feet while their children are cared for in a safe and loving environment. Safe Families is motivated by compassion to keep children safe and out of foster care.

    Safe Families hosts vulnerable children. We create extended family-like supports for families needing this care through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and to reunite families. Christian Heritage is the implementing agency for Safe Families in Nebraska.

  • Kids Night Out/ Kids Day Out programs consist of opportunities for kids to have a fun-filled, supervised time at the YMCA while their parents enjoy spending time away from the YMCA, working on projects, going on a dinner date or having just a few hours alone without the help of little hands.

  • YMCA- Norfolk

    Parent's Night Out:
    Parents can drop off their kids age 3-12 for a fun and exciting night. Your children will enjoy fun games in the gym, and they will enjoy pizza and a movie.
    Registration required 402-371-9770