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School & Special Education

  • Fact sheet on Individualized Education Program.

  • A clinic whose mission is to serve individuals with dyslexia and other reading related difficulties. Omaha, NE

  • Brain training. This service has a fee.

  • Short videos providing information special education in Nebraska

  • Parent Teacher Association state wide

  • The Alternate Curriculum Program serves students with cognitive disabilities in grades K-12 who require instruction focused on functional academic, social and vocational training. Students participate in this program because of the severity of their disabilities and the amount of support required to meet their individual needs. Students also participate in integrative classes and activities with their general education peers as appropriate. This program is provided in 16 elementary schools, 11 middle and 6 high schools.

  • Links to articles and resources available for parents of children with special education needs.

  • PTI Nebraska (Parent Training and Information) is a statewide resource for families of children with disabilities and special health care needs.