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Support Groups

Support Groups and Family Activities

Support Groups

Social and informal support networks for youth and parents are essential. We are committed to connecting families and youth to support groups where social networks can be created and friendships forged. Additionally, we believe adoptive and guardianship families should be celebrated and celebrate together! 

Groups are available because growing your family through adoption and guardianship is unique. Support groups provide the opportunity for parents and children to get to know others with shared pieces to their story. It is natural for parents to talk to family and friends about their children and their families. It feels good to know other parents are thinking about the same things and to bounce ideas off one and other. Most people can talk to you about how they potty trained their children or addressed their child’s first boyfriend or girlfriend, but who can relate to questions about how to support your child through the first family history project in school or how to include your child’s birth family in celebrating their high school graduation? Groups with childcare also provide a nice, informal way for your children to meet other adopted children in a natural, non-threatening environment.  

Stop by a group near you to laugh, share a frustration, ask a question, brag about your child, or just to listen.  If there isn’t a group near you, contact us. We may know of other support groups available in your area. If we receive enough interest in a specific location we may be able to get a group started. 

Find the one closest to you on our training and event calendar.

Can't get to a support group but still want to connect with other adoptive and guardianship parents?

Our Facebook support group is a private and safe platform to ask questions, get advice or share accomplishments!